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Cena bez PVN
4 783 EUR
23 117 PLN
Cena bez PVN
4 783 EUR
23 117 PLN


Produktu grupaMauriņa traktors
Zīmols / modelisCub Cadet xt3 qs127
Mascus ID5A084699


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Cena bez PVN4 783 EUR  (23 117 PLN)
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Noliktavas Nr.14AFA5TQ603
Bruto svars260 kg
PapildinformācijaCub Cadet lawn tractors
from the XT Enduro Series are a great line of professional, very strong tractors to take care of your garden. It is dedicated to people who dream of a powerful, multifunctional device. Who doesn't like having several devices in one? The tractor
from the XT Enduro range will save your lawn from overgrowing, and you will save you from getting buried in the snow in winter. The robust and effective Cub
lawn mowers will prove themselves not only in large areas, but also on uneven terrain and steep slopes. If you are lost in the maze of garden tractor offers and are looking for a machine with which you can easily find a common language, the Enduro series will be definitely for you.
The Cub Cadet
XT3 QS127 lawn tractor is equipped with a powerful two-cylinder Kawasaki V-Twin combustion engine with a capacity of 726 cm3 and a rated engine power of 15 kW at 2800 rpm. This engine is characterized by exceptional performance and low fuel consumption. The tractor
has a hydrostatic drive system that enables smooth and dynamic movements of the machine without the need to change gears. It is a very comfortable gear, ensuring comfort and ease of use of the machine. In addition, the tractor is also equipped with a cruise control.
Comfort only with the Cub Cadet tractor! The Cub Cadet company
took care of the user's comfort, offering a comfortable, adjustable armchair with a high backrest and armrests. Adjustment is possible in 10 positions. The ergonomic steering wheel with a soft grip will allow for comfortable work. In addition, the XT3 QS127
model has very interesting equipment, we can find both a cup holder and a storage compartment as well as a socket (12 V) for charging electrical devices, e.g. a telephone. Cub Cadet
mower mowers have undergone a significant metamorphosis, the impressive design of the mower
's hood made them look modern and attractive.
Do you dream about a multifunction tractor? Then the Cub Cadet XT Enduro series tractor will meet your expectations. You have a choice of side discharge via the deflector, ideal for when you want to cut the grass quickly. Another method of mowing is mulching. By selecting the mulching function, the grass fragments are kept under the deck and chopped, and then thrown with great air force onto the lawn. The grass decomposes over time, which is a natural fertilizer and fertilizes the soil. An additional option, after purchasing a grass catcher, is the collection function for a 210 L capacity bin. The machine has a manual cutting height adjustment in 12 steps from 25 to 100 mm, and the working width of the cutting knife is 127 cm.
Not only large spaces, but also precise mowing around obstacles is possible with the Cub Cadet XT3 QS127
. Thanks to the "Tight Turn" technology, its minimum turning radius is only 17 cm - the narrowest value in this product category! With such a fantastic machine, you can mow an area of up to 10,000 m2 without worrying about narrow alleys or efficiently avoiding plantings and plant beds.
The advantage of this model is also the RevTEK technology that allows cutting in reverse. This allows the user to reverse with the knives engaged. Thanks to the clever accessory exchange system, this garden tractor can be easily converted into a snowplow, spreader or roller.
What will improve your comfort of working on Cub Cadet XT3 QS127? Hydrostatic transmission Wide range of cutting height adjustments Comfortable, adjustable seat with shock absorption Functional steering wheel with soft padding 210 L grass catcher (optional) Minimum turning radius of 17 cm Ample legroom for comfortable and quick mowing Plug that allows you to clean the chassis and knives Energy-saving LED floodlights, allowing you to work even after dark 11.4 liter fuel tank Mowing in reverse
Do you like this model, but are you looking for a tractor with a basket? Be sure to see the Cub Cadet XT2 QR106 model S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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Portālā Mascus Jūs atradīsiet sludinājumus, kas izvietoti sadaļā Cub Cadet xt3 qs127 mauriņa traktors. Tehnikas Cub Cadet xt3 qs127 cena ir 4 783 €. Tehnika atrašanās vieta ir - Polija. Mascus portālā Jūs atradīsiet vēl vairāk Cub Cadet xt3 qs127 piedāvājumu, kā arī cita veida zīmolu tehniku, kas izvietota sadaļā "mauriņa traktors". Papildus informācija - Noliktavas Nr.: 14AFA5TQ603, Bruto svars: 260 kg