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34 h
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New XCMG XZ 360E with cabin and many parts, 100 drill rods, 5 reamers, 2 pilot heads Year 2020, 34 hours Type of drilling: – controlled horizontal with tool rotation; Control position of the drilling head using the navigation system: – DCI; Operator's workplace: -closed cabin with control panel for working bodies; ( + heating and air conditioning) – Joystick drilling control; Controlling the movement of the unit (Remote movement control panel installations) Installation angle (°) of drilling carriage: – 14-20° Anchor system for positioning the drilling complex: – yes, automatic with two hydraulic drives; Maximum expansion diameter – up to, mm, depending on the soil: – 900; Speed ​​of movement of the installation on the ground, km/h: – 2.6; Chassis: – with steel tracks and rubberized inserts (linings); Climbability, angle (°): – 30°; On-board power supply system voltage, V: – 24; Drill rod feeding system: – automatic feeding and loading system into the working area drilling rig; Cassette capacity for drill rods 73 mm, pcs.: – 40; Overall dimensions of the installation, mm, length×width×height: – 6200×2240×2450; Weight of the drilling rig, weight, kg, no more: – 11500; Reciprocating carriage drive: – rack and pinion, variable speed filing; Automatic oil lubrication for rod thread Torque on the spindle, Hm, maximum: – 13200; Maximum traction force, kN/t: – 370; Maximum feed force, kN/t: – 370; Speed ​​of movement of the power head, m/min: – 0-25; Spindle rotation speed, rpm, maximum: – 140; Engine type, brand: – 6-cylinder, turbodiesel, water-cooled, Cummins QSB5.9-C210 Rated engine power, kW, at 2200 rpm: – 154; Drilling fluid supply system, main equipment: – built-in bentonite adjustable type pump; Drilling fluid supply system, capacity: – maximum performance of the high-pressure pump, l/min: – 400; – maximum pressure of the drilling fluid supply pump, bar: – 80. Drilling tools: solid-drawn drill rod: rod body diameter, mm: 73.0; drill rod pipe body length, m: 3.0; Additional equipment for installation: Winter package of equipment for pump; washing installation for car washing Drilling tools: - Drilling rig pilot assembly with replaceable knife (replaceable drill knives), for work in standard and hard soils 1pc. - Replaceable knives, assorted, for working in standard and hard soils 2pcs. - Bolt for fastening replaceable knives (for a replaceable attachment to the drill pilot) 3 pcs. - Connector to the traction head spindle 100pcs. - Solid forged drill rod for rotary drilling, creating axial load on the tool, supply of drilling fluid into the drilling well 6pcs. - Rod cleaner, nozzle 150pcs. - Starting rod assembly 6pcs. - Starting rod part – quick coupling, octagonal (for transmission of torque to the tool) 3 pcs. + quick coupling connections, octagonal - Part of the starting rod - fastening nut 6pcs. - Part of the starting rod - adapter for the pilot 6pcs. - Expanders, type - cutting and compacting, conical, bent sheet steel, without swivel, for quick coupling shaft or rod 6pcs. - Reamers set of 5 pcs., diameter, mm: – 300, 450, 600, 750, 900: – 1 (one set of 5 pcs.); - Rotation compensator – Swivel, for traction force up to 40 tons 1pc. - Flushing rotation compensator - bentonite coupling 2pcs. - Oil seal for bentonite coupling, in quantity: – 5 (five) pcs. - 2pcs. - Nipple and coupling of the tool joint, set of pieces 3 sets - Pipe chain wrench with hydraulic drive 3 sets - Manual wrench for screwing and unscrewing threaded connections 1 set. - Jaws, clamping wedges 2 sets.Rādīt vairāk

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